180 years ago today - Jan 22, 1833 (Tuesday)

Joseph Smith, jun., Sidney Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, Newel K. Whitney, Hyrum Smith, Zebedee Coltrin, Joseph Smith, sen., Samuel H. Smith, John Murdock, Lyman E. Johnson, Orson Hyde, Ezra Thayer, Levi W. Hancock and William Smith assembled in conference at Kirtland, O. On this occasion the Prophet Joseph, Zebedee Coltrin and Wm. Smith spoke in tongues, "after which the Lord poured out his spirit in a miraculous manner, until all the Elders and several members, both male and female, spoke in tongues." Praises were sung to God and the Lamb, and speaking and praying in tongues occupied the conference until a late hour at night.

[Source: Jenson, Andrew, Church Chronology]

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