175 years ago today - Jan 21, 1838

Oliver Cowdery writes to his brother Warren: "When he [Joseph Smith] was there we had some conversation in which in every instance I did not fail to affirm that what I had said was strictly true. A dirty, nasty, filthy affair of his and Fanny Alger's was talked over in which I strictly declared that I had never deviated from the truth in the matter, and as I supposed was admitted by himself." In Jul of 1872 former apostle and apostate William E. McLellin wrote to Joseph Smith III : "Now Joseph I will relate to you some history, and refer you to your own dear Mother for the truth. You will probably remember that I visited your Mother and family in 1847, and held a lengthy conversation with her . . .I told her I heard that one night she missed Joseph and Fanny Alger. she went to the barn and saw him and Fanny in the barn together alone. She looked through a crack and saw the transaction!!! She told me this story too was verily true."

[Source: Advent Adam website (defunct) - based on http://amzn.to/originsofpower]

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  1. [Sources: Nauvoo Polygamy by George D. Smith (2008), pp.38-42 and In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith by Todd Compton (1997), pp.35-39]


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