60 years ago today - Jan 21, 1953

We thank you very much for your letter of January 9 reporting regarding your visit with Patriarch Smith, and giving the result of your reading of blessings. We are very happy to get the information you give us regarding the number of blessings, and to learn of the character thereof. We think you might bring to his attention the points you make regarding the closing of his blessings, and suggest that he make the faithfulness clause apply to all of the blessing, and not to insert it where he now does in a way that would permit of some interpreting that the time of resurrection is without relation to faithfulness. We also think that you might wisely suggest to him that he read some of the blessings of some of the earlier brethren in order to familiarize himself with the work of the early patriarchs of the Church. We doubt that it would be wisdom to undertake to have him correct his English. It would probably do little more than make him self-conscious and so confuse rather than help him. [see today-in-mormon-history.blogspot.com/2013/01/60-years-ago-today-jan-6-1953.html for further context]

[Source: J. Reuben Clark, for the First Presidency, Letter to Spencer W. Kimball and LeGrand Richards]

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