170 years ago today - Jan 7, 1843

[Joseph Smith Diary] January 7th, Saturday 8 1/2 [A.M.] Left Judge Adams on our way to Nauvoo .... While riding Gen[eral] Law sang the following hymn [written by William Clayton]:

And are you sure the news is true?

And are you sure he's free?

Then let us join with one accord,

And have a Jubilee


We'll have a Jubilee, My Friend

We'll have a Jubilee

With heart and voice we'll all rejoice

Because /In that/ our Prophet's free


Success unto the Federal Court.

Judge Pope presiding there;

And also his associates too,

So lovely and so fair

3 Chorus

Also to our learned Councillors

We owe our gratitude

Because that they in freedom's cause

Like valiant men have stood

4 Chorus

In the defence of Innocence,

They made the truth to bear;

Reynolds and Carlin's baseness both

Did fearlessly declare

5 Chorus see [1]13, 114 page[s]

/Edwards and Butterfield and Pope

/The names of Pope and Butterfield

We'll mention with applause

Because that they like champions bold

Support the Federal Law

7 chorus

One word in praise of Thomas Ford

That Democrat so true;

He understands the people's rights

And will protect them too.

8 chorus

There is one more we wish enrol'd

Upon the Book of fame

That master spirit in all jokes

And Prentice but in name

8 chorus see P[age] 114

/12/ With warmest heart we bid good bye

to those we leave behind

The citizens of Springfield all

So courteous and so kind.

15 chorus

And now we're bound for home my friend

A bond of brothers true

To cheer the heart of those we love

In beautiful Nauvoo.

We'll have a Jubilee My friends

We'll have a Jubilee

With heart and voice we'll all rejoice

In that our Prophet's free

[Source: Faulring, Scott (ed.), An American Prophet's Record: The Diaries and Journals of Joseph Smith: Joseph Smith Diary, 1842-43, http://amzn.to/jsdiaries]

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