105 years ago today - Sep 16, 1908

The following is a report of the meeting held by the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles at 10 o’clock this morning at the Temple. ... Bro[ther]. [Rudger] Clawson remarked that there was a slight difference existing among the Apostles in their language in ordaining or setting apart a President of Seventy, some use the word “ordain” others the words “set apart”, and the First Council of Seventy held that Presidents of Seventies, general and local, should be “ordained” to this presiding office and not “set apart”. It was also remarked that the First Council of Seventy hold, and so instruct, that where a local President of Seventy moves into another Stake, he should be given preference over other Seventies to fill a vacancy in the Presidency of a quorum in that Stake; in other words, once a President of Seventy, always a President of Seventy. ... Hyrum M. Smith inquired why make the Seventies an exception from the High Priests and Elders? President Smith answered that the calling of the Seventy differed from that of the High Priest and Elder, the Seventy being aids to the Apostles, subject to their call, and their field of labor was abroad, while the calling of the High Priests and elders was at home in the Stakes, but of course they were being called to perform special missions.... The question of necessity for ordaining Presidents of Seventies considered and decided that it is not necessary to ordain a President of Seventy. It is sufficient to set them apart.

[Source: Journal History; Minutes; George F. Richards, Diary]

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  1. In THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST [WHQ: Monongahela, PA] the President of the Quorum of 70 has always been and will always be an ELECTED office only, and elected only by the members of the Q70 at General Conference in October. The office of an Evangelist (exact same as a SEVENTY) is an office that requires the man to be "SET APART" by the washing of his feet by a member of the 70, AND then "ORDAINED" by anointing his head with blessed oil and the laying-on-of-hands by another member of the 70 followed immediately by a prayer. The anointing, laying-on-of-hands, and prayer is done by the same individual.


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