140 years ago today - Sep 26, 1873

[Minutes, Quorum of Twelve] Meeting of the Twelve apostles and sisters to be set apart as midwives or nurses in Israel.

...The following sisters were set apart by Elders Orson Pratt and Geo. Q. Cannon[:] Zina D. Young, Catherine Simmonds, Lehi, Elsa Booth, Alpine, Anna Hansen, Honeywell, Box Elder County, Mary Ann Elizabeth Whatmough, S. L. City, Elizabeth Duncanson, S. L. City, Sarah Ralphs, Brigham City, Jane Mullinder, Farmington, Cordelia Mariah Barlow, Bountiful, Margaret Randall, Centreville, Margaret Flute, S. L. City, Mary Schneider, S. L. City, Mary Mc allister, Logan, Clarissa Jane Moore, Payson, Orillia Brown, American Fork, Hannah L. Clark, Provo, Jane Ann Atbrand [or Attrand], S.L. City.

[Source: Minutes, Quorum of Twelve]

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