65 years ago today - Sep 24, 1948

David O. McKay and members of the Missionary Committee met with Colonel Oscar W. Gray of the Selective Service ... for the purpose of working out a practical program with reference to the missionaries of the Church. President McKay outlined to Colonel Gray the procedure followed in the calling of missionaries by the Church ... If a young man received his notice of induction from the Selective Service before he entered the Missionary Home, the Church excused him from Missionary Service. If the young man arrived at the Missionary Home before he received his notice of induction, then he was automatically deferred by the Selective Service from military service for the duration of the term he was to serve as an ordained minister, after which he was to report to his local Draft Board. Colonel Gray stated that this arrangement would be very satisfactory to the Selective Service, and that he felt it could be worked out in a very practical way under the new Selective Service regulations.

[Source: David O. McKay, Diary]

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