55 years ago today - Sep 23, 1958

[David O. McKay Office Journal] At 4 p.m. I had a consultation with Gordon Hinckley, Assistant to the Twelve, who had been appointed by me while in London to go to France and infestigate conditions at Mission Headquarters. He said that he had spent hours going through mission files and correspondence, and that he could find nothing that would lead to a suspicion of what was going on--that Elder Tucker and his followers were sworn to secrecy. Brother Hinckley said that he had gone to the dock to see the nine missionaries who had been excommunicated while in London who were living [sic] on a Greek liner for New York. He told them he did not come to preach to them; that they had had better men than he to talk to them (Elders Joseph Fielding Smith, Henry D. Moyle, Richard L. Evans, Hugh B. Brown, Bishop Thorpe B. Isaacson) but that he had come in the interest of their parents to see that they had enough money to get home safely; that he also wished to bear his testimony to them and to say to them that they would live to regret what they were doing on that day--leaving the mission field, probably for Mexico to practice their mistaken ideas [polygamy]. Brother Hinckley said all the missionaries, excepting Elder Tucker and one of the girls, seemed morose and down-cast.

[Source: McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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