120 years ago today - Jun 21, 1900; Thursday

the substance of which was from a letter of a missionary in the Southern states to his father in which the writer states that in common with the other missionaries had been requested to purchase two copies of the Book of Mormon now and agree to dispose of one every month, that is either to sell or give it away, and the reason assigned for this request was to get the price of the Book of Mormon down to fifty cents apiece. Also a request had been made of him, in common with other Elders to deposit $50. to his credit at the office at Chattanooga [Tennessee]; and the reason assigned for this is that if the missionary should take sick or had to be released suddenly he would have the means whereby he could go--for an elder cannot be released in honor except he is out of debt. The writer goes on to state that he regretted having to make this requirement of his father, but asked him to borrow it, and he would work to pay it back on his return home. ...

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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