175 years ago today - Jun 21, 1845

[Patriarchal Blessing of William A. Beebe given by William Smith ]

... thou shalt have a peculiar desire to examine every apartment of the temple when it is finished and understand the order of its arrangements and all the blessings that belong to the enduement [a Masonic term/ "endowment"] ... and by visions and dreams thou Shalt be warned of marvellous events the gifts of wisdom and knowledge are thine and the discerning of Spirits and none shall have power to deceive thee by their cunning craft for in a most marvellous manner hast thou enjoyed the gift of the Spirit in times that are past and the wicked acts of men have been made known to thine understanding by which thou hast been delivered from their devices to destroy thee ... for by the highest authority in the church of God I seal thee up to eternal life and to a Salvation that is immortal and that shall never end in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

[Patriarchal Blessing of William A. Beebe given by William Smith ]

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