175 years ago today - Saturday, June 28th, 1845

[Apostle John Taylor]

I went up with the Twelve to inspect their work, also to see the Arsenal and the font in the Temple, its foundation having just been laid. In the afternoon Brother Pack came to me informing me, that a lawyer who had lately came to town, had been making use of language, wherein he wanted to implicate Elder Young in the murder of Hodges; this lawyer Hall, had lately come to town for purposes of no good. I suppose he is a blackleg and in connection with several others in this town. I am inclined to think so from what Dr. A. Young had told me; he stated that Dr. A. B. Williams had said the same things of Brother Young, and we know him to be a blackleg, and a very wicked, bad man. Brother Pack and I went in search of Brother Young, to inform him of the situation of things, and ask counsel at his hands, but did not find him till evening.

['The John Taylor Nauvoo journal, January 1845-September 1845,' BYU Studies 23:3 (1983) edited by Dean C. Jessee]

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