175 years ago today - Monday, June 30th, 1845

[John Taylor]

In the afternoon went to Mother Smith's with a number of the Twelve and the Bishops, according to previous appointment, at the request of Mother Smith to settle some misunderstanding and difficulty that existed in her mind in relation to a vision that she had. When we were there, i.e., Elders Young, Kimball, O. Pratt, John E. Page, Willard Richards, George A. Smith, and myself of the Twelve together with Bishops Whitney and Miller, and Elder Cahoon one of the Temple committee, and some of her own family were present. We conversed freely with her, she stated however that she thought that we had not a correct copy of her vision; however we know that it is; but supported that the old lady was feeble and excited, and perhaps might not fully recollect what she had said.

Elder Young told his find freely about William, and stated that he was aiming at power, and authority, and priesthood that did not belong to him.

That the statement that was published in the paper concerning Patriarchs was correct; that he would sustain William in his office and calling; but would not allow him to tread upon his neck or any other man's.... Mother Smith said he did not want it, she did not profess to be a revelator only for herself and family, that she wanted peace, union, and harmony. The twelve all exprssed the same feeling and manifested the greatest kindness to Mother Smith together with the Bishops. William did not meet with us; but we received from him the following letter: Nauvoo, June 30th, 1845.

Elder Young, It has been my purpose from the first to do all I could for peace. I said in a short note to you the other day, that I would stand by you till death; but it might be asked upon what principle? I will answer on the principle that I am dealt justly by in the Church....

I am sick and tired of such partiality ... I claim to be Patriarch over the whole Church, this gives me my place and proper standing and what I inherit ...

My proposition is my share of the kingdom, and if you will publish in the Neighbor and Times and Seasons the true state of the case in regard to my office as Patriarch over the whole Church ...

Which we answered as follows: Nauvoo, June 30th, 1845.

Dear Brother William ... As to your requests in your letter ... there are some ordinances in the Church that cannot be administered by any person out of this place at present, but must be done here. As to your having the right to administer all ordinances in the world and no one standing at your head, we could not sanction ... But as to your right to officiate in the office of Patriarch, we say you have the right to officiate in all the world wherever your lot may be cast, and no one to dictate or control you excepting the Twelve ... P.S. ... I am sorry the old lady should be troubled, she is aged woman and has past through much trouble for the cause of truth, and has the respect and confidence of the whole Church.

['The John Taylor Nauvoo journal, January 1845-September 1845,' BYU Studies 23:3 (1983) edited by Dean C. Jessee]

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