55 years ago today - Jun 29, 1965

Four Mormon members of Congress and one Mormon U.S. Senator reply to First Presidency's letter of the previous week: "We know that each of you will agree that in this instance we act in conformity with the highest principles of our church in declining to be swayed by the view expressed in the communication of Jun 22nd under the signatures of the First Presidency. We hasten to assure you that we stand ready at any time to receive your views, that they will be considered and evaluated as the good faith expression of men of high purpose, but we cannot accept them as binding upon us." One congressman who had already decided to vote the way the First Presidency supported adds as an addendum to the letter, "Along with many L.D.S. members I have been sharply critical of Catholic and other religious leaders on occasions when they have advised legislators of their faiths on pending secular legislations. Many of these legislators have complained privately that such actions have a tendency to place in doubt the basis of their official votes. I fear that publication of your Jun 22nd communication may cause such doubts among my non-Mormon constituents who disagree with my position." The First Presidency had asked them to retain anti-union "right to work" provision of Taft-Hartley Act

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