120 years ago today - Jun 27, 1900; Wednesday

While at Rexburg [Idaho] on June 24, 1900] Pres[ident] [George Q.] Cannon said as to the 3 presiding Quorums in the Priesthood that in the absence by disolution of the first Presidency the 12 would preside and [in] case of their disolution the 70 would preside and organize the first Presidency.

Then Pres[ident] Jos[eph] F [Smith] said in case that the first Presidency & 12 were all taken away the presiding Seventy would proceed to organize the first presidency then they would proceed to choose and organize the 12 apostles.

And in relation to the standing in the Quorum of the apostles of Joseph F Smith & Brigham Young [Jr.] that though Brigham was ordained in 1864 to the Apostleship yet he had not at that time been accepted as one of the 12 in & by the Quorum and that in 1865 Pres[ident] Joseph F was ordained and placed in the Quorum & upheld by the general conference and that Brigham was not so placed & recognized as a member of that Quorum & sustained by the general confernce until [18]66 so Joseph F would rank him as senior apostle. So this Question is decided and in this decission [sic] my beloved cousin Brigham will not stand much chance to become the president of the church as Joseph is the youngest & strongest man physically.

All right[;] it will be as the Lord wants it no doubt.

[Seymour B. Young, Diary]

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