135 years ago today - Jun 28, 1885

David Whitmer Sen. admitts that there was some thing like tithing in the church in Joseph Smiths day but that it was introduced by [Sidney] Rigdon. ... Mr D[avid]. Whitmer Sen did not handel the plates. Only seen <<saw>> them, says Martin Haris and Cowdry did so they say! Says he did see them and the angel and heard him speak. But that it was indiscribable that it was through the power of God (and was possibly in [the spirit] at least). ... D[avid]. Whitmer Severed himsh him self from the Church in 1838 Because Joseph and the body of the people had departed from the first principals and had gone into Bank=ing and land specul=ulations &c. and was making new inovations. ... }


James Henry Moyle, Diary, 28 June 1885, LDS Church Archives, Salt Lake City, Utah, as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: David Whitmer Interview With James Henry Moyle]

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