15 years ago today - JUNE 16, 2005

An Arizona grand jury indicts Warren Jeffs on two counts of felony child sex abuse for his role in planning and performing the marriage of a 16-year-old girl to a man that was already married. He could face two years in jail. Jeffs also faces 2 civil suits in Utah, one from young men expelled from the church and another from a nephew who has accused him of sexual abuse.

Two U.S. courts determine he is trying to avoid being served with papers regarding two lawsuits against him and the United Effort Plan trust. One suit, launched last July by Brent Jeffs, alleges that Warren Jeffs, his uncle, began molesting him when he was five. Since Jeff fails to file a statement of defence, and the UEP trust also did not file a statement of defence, lawyers for Brent ask court to freeze the UEP trust.

Utah authorities seize FLDS's biggest asset the UEP trust, registered in that state. It controls ¾ of Bountiful's landall the farms, ranches, and homes. Utah officials remove the Board of Directors.

Warren Jeffs is on the run, authorities believe he may be in Canada.

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