175 years ago today - Jun 19, 1845

[Heber C. Kimball]

... Sister Richards sent for us to Cloth us [in the robes of the Holy Order] and pray for hur as she felt as she should not live long. We offered up the Signs and praided for my wife; after dinner B. Young, G. A. and my self went to the Temple to see how things ware going on. The Rafters most on. All things going will. At fore in the after noon, we met at W. R. for prair, may the Lord bless His people. Present to this meting of the twelve ... We offerd prair Br... that Jugment to come on Juge Young, that our Enimes might be cursed. Returned home found my wifee quite sick with fowing[?]. Sister Whitney come in annointed hur and sung in Toungs [tongues]. I also sung. The Lord blest us.

[Kimball, Stanley B. ed, On the Potter's Wheel: The Diaries of Heber C. Kimball]

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