125 years ago today - Jul 30, 1896

[Brigham Young Jr.]

[M]et in Council in T[emple]. Question sprung by Pres[iden]t. [Wilford] Woodruff about Alonzo Hyde & John W. Young obtaining more money from Mrs Everend under false pretenses as her letter states. I felt that all men who go out from Zion do do business on their own account it must be understood, hereafter, that the church is not, nor the authorities are backing them. Pres[iden]t [George Q.] Cannon said Apostles have no right to enter into speculation to make money especially off the saints nor anywhere, but use their talent as directed for the good of Zion, not for personal agrandisement. ...

Met Bro[ther]. B[enjamin]. Cluff Jr., discussed employing gentile proffesor in B[righam]. Y[oung]. A[cademy]. Provo [Utah]. I opposed it; Presidency voted unanimously to employ him as Geology & civ[il] Eng[ineering]. were two most important studies, and we have no Latter day saint who can fill the position. I quoted from Deed of trust all beneficiaries of this reading must be children of L[atter]. D[ay]. S[aints]. and shall we employe gentiles to teach them. No matter. Bro[ther]. Jos[eph]. F. [Smith] said in consequence of Pres[iden]t. W[oodruff's]. Remarks I move that we employ this man, I did not vote. Bro[ther]. Jos[eph]. Moved to make the vote unanimous. I said I refrain from voting in principle, nothing against the man. Agreed with Bro[ther]. Cluff Jr. in his other recommendation and he went away satisfied. It is the first time I have failed to go with my leaders, I went my way sorrowfully. There is a growing disposition with the teachers to introduce into our 'Brigham Young Academy' the spirit of the world, the refined touches and whisperings of the 'Holy Spirit' are becoming less frequent and in my spirit I fear we are drifting further from God in that institution.

[Brigham Young Jr. Diary, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1910-1951, Privately Published, Salt Lake City, Utah 2010]

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