175 years ago today - Saturday, Jul 18, 1846.

President Young said the captains [of the Mormon Battalion] must be fathers to their companies, and in their companies manage the whole affair by the power of the priesthood, and you will have power to preserve your lives and the lives of their companies and escape many difficulties. [He] would not be afraid to pledge his right hand that every man will return alive if they will go in the name of the Lord and pray every morning and evening in every tent. ... All the officers but three had been in the temple. Let no man be without his undergarment, and always wear a coat or vest. Keep neat and clean, teach them gentility, civility, no swearing. It must not be admitted. Insult no man. Have no conversation with the Missourians, Mexicans, or any class of people. Preach only where people want it, and then by wise men.

Impose not your principles on any people. Take your Bibles, Books of Mormon. Burn up cards. Let the officers regulate all the dances. If you come home and say the captains have managed all dancing and it will all be right to dance, etc. Card playing cannot be admitted. ... Don't lay out your money for bacon and provision on credit for your families. Elder Kimball ... God will lead you in paths and before the people, that you will get as great a name as any people since the days of Moses. Hold your tongues and mind your own business. If you are sick, you have the privilege of calling the elders and rebuking all manner of disease.

... President Young spoke ... You will have no fighting to do. Go about your business. We shall go in the Great Basin where [it] is the place to build temples. ...

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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