165 years ago today - Jul 13, 1856

Council Sunday /Evening/ July 13. 1856 Pres[iden]t. B[righam]. Young related a dream which he had in England:' 'I was travelling and came to an old Apple orchard, I found but few apples, but they were large and fine. I travelled through it, and all round it, but I found very few apples but there were but few and they were very large and fine. I continued travelling until it appeared to be a very great forest having all kinds of timber in it; and as I continued walking I came to a very large mountain, and as I walked to the foot of it, it appeared as though there was a very plain road beat nearly all round it. I went round and discovered a number of men trying to turn it over: they had dug under it a great ditch on one side, to undermine it, and had commenced on the other side. It appeared as though they were brethren, and I said. brethren stop a minute; they all stopped when I told them to: each cut out a square hole as though he was cutting out a block of ice, and when they had all done it, I told them to get a pry and put into each hole. I had a very strong lever, and I told them, `Now wait until I count one, two three, and when I say the word all of you heave at once, and it will be turned over.' When I gave the word signal we all heaved at once, and over it went. It then appeared as though we had opened a very large cave, in which was a great quantity of potatoes, beets, turnips and other good things which had been stored there by the ancient Nephites against a day of famine. I looked up and saw many people coming from every direction, but more especially from the North; when I commenced distributing the potatoes and turnips to all of them as fast as they came. Some persons said you will not have enough to go round; but although I saw the people coming from every direction, thicker and faster. I said there will be enough, and continued dealing them out as hard as I could for it appeared as though I could not decrease the bulk any although every person carried away as many as they could.' (reported by Tho[ma]s Bullock)

[Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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