150 years ago today - Jul 25, 1871

Brigham Young writes to his son Willard who is a cadet at West Point: "We would like to learn in detail the routine of your daily life; what your duties and exercises consist of; what the regulations are about visitors, whether ladies have access to the cadets & under what restrictions, if any. This last is a matter I am quite concerned to know about, as I understand you cadets are exceedingly popular with the fair sex & some of them are very, very dangerous when so dis posed, just for the sake of having a laugh at their victims; shun such as you would the very gates of hell! They are the enemy's strongest tools, & should be resisted as strongly. Beware of them! . . . With regard to your attending Protestant Episcopal service, I have no objections whatever. On the contrary, I would like to have you attend, and see what they can teach you about God and Godliness more than you have already been taught."

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