170 years ago today - Jul 24, 1851

Wilford Woodruff describes Pioneer-day festivities: "The order of the day was kept up by the fireing of cannon 110 times. The organization & parading of Streets by an escort consisting of the Nauvoo Brass band the Military Band the Pioneers of 47 the Regency, the aged Fathers young lads, followed By the Mothers in Israel young girls, young men & young women the Presidency with the officers of State formed the escorted party. In their rear were 24 Bishops forming a Phalanx of the combined wisdom & strength of the Kingdom of God in the last days. The numerous flags & Banners the various Emblems of art agriculture & industry & the music accompanying the procession from the presidents residence to the Bowery could ownly be surpassed in the Armies of heaven."

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