150 years ago today - July 15th 1871

Prest. G. A. Smith ... Advised the brethren to become naturalized and assist to govern the country. Measures should be taken to secure the land. Every wife except the first may Homestead or Preempt a quarter section. All should vote men and women. You may be in Idaho when the line is drawn. Take an interest in the politics of that Territory get her laws and make yourselves acquainted with them. ...

Br. George W. Sirrine asked Can a man with one wife obtain as full a salvation as if he had more.

Br. Jacobs inquired if it is necessary for man to be adopted to man if so when.

Prest. Young answered The doctrine of Adoption is correct in order to bring up the chain of Priesthood from Adam but it cannot be done but in a Temple.

A man can obtain as full a salvation with one wife as with more but it will not be so great his work will be slow ...

Br. W. M. Allred asked will I lose anything by letting my younger brother attend to the ordinances for the dead. Prest. Young answered It is the privilege of the eldest son to attend to his fathers family. You for your father your eldest sister for her mother let the eldest son be baptized for his father and let the eldest son as heir for the family attend to the sealings for his father.

The brethren were instructed to make wills especially those who had more than one wife to prevent litigation. Cautioned against being careless with fire in the mountains. ...

[Paris ward - Bear Lake Stake - School of the Prophets minutes 1869-72, typescript by Michael Nielsen]

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