175 years ago today - Wednesday, Jul 15, 1846.

[Brigham Young said] the remainder of the 12 to get the soldiers together and instruct them how to behave, etc., on their expedition, wear their temple garments, and prove themselves the best soldiers, and instruct the other brethren con [?] in carrying out the decisions of the council of yesterday. Lots were cast between O. Hyde, P. P. Pratt and J. Taylor, which two should go to England, and the lot fell on Brothers Hyde and Taylor to go. "Soldiers can tarry and go to work when they are disbanded, and the next temple should be built in the Rocky Mountains," and he wanted the Twelve and the old brethren to live in the mountains where the temple is to be, and where the brethren will have to come to get their endowments.

President Young said he would prophecy that the time would come when some one of the Twelve, or a high priest, would come up and say can't we have a temple at Vancouver Island, or at California, etc., etc., but it is wisdom to unite all our forces to build one house in the mountains.

[Willard Richards Journal]

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