125 years ago today - Jul 9, 1896

The Apostles appoint Franklin D. Richards and Brigham Young Jr. as a committee of two to visit fellow apostle Moses Thatcher "and ascertain from him what he had made his mind up to do." Later that day Richards and Young report that "they found him [Thatcher] dressed to go out to the Lake. He received them kindly but said he had undergone no change of sentiment as to the address. Both brethren were impressed with his cold, cunning spirit." Thatcher is unable to accept the recent "political manifesto" which requires all church leaders to get permission from the "proper authorities" before seeking political office. Thatcher felt that this was a means for the "proper authorities" to favor the Republican party over the Democrats. The Apostles "finally agreed to say to Bro. Moses he could meet us on the 22nd to answer to the charge of apostacy."

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