175 years ago today - Wednesday, Jul 1, 1846.

[Willard Richards]

Captain James Allen of the U S. Army and two others, first regiment of dragoons, Fort Leavenworth, when Captain Allen read his authority from Colonel S. W. Kearney of the Army of the West, dated June 19, 1846, for him to proceed to the Mormon Camp and enlist from 3 to 500 men to go to California by way of Santa Fe. Each company to enlist of from 73 to 109. Captain, first and second lieutenant, four laundresses to each company....

At 12 noon, President Young addressed the assembly, wished them to make a distinction between this action of the government, and our former oppressors. Is it prudent for us to enlist to defend the country, the U. S., if so all are ready to go. ... Let the Mormons be the first men to set their feet on that soil. Captain Allen has assumed the responsibility of saying that we may go to Grand Island and stay till they can go on [Mormons did not have permission to be on Indian lands].... It is the first offer we have ever had to benefit us one whit, and proposed that the 500 men be raised, that he would see all their families brought forward as far as his reach, and feed them when he had to eat.

... Voted that Presidents Young and Kimball go to Mt. Pisgah to raise volunteers. President Young said he would start in the morning. President Young said the companies must be organized, see who can go to the island and who must remain. After raising the troops, the Twelve to go on with their families [to the Great Basin].

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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