120 years ago today - Dec 18, 1900

[Brigham Young Jr.]

I am sixty-four years old today. I look back upon the experiences of my life with singular feelings. Often have I been on the verge of breaking my covenants when a merciful Father has snatched me as a brand from the burning and He has bought me with a price and saved me from myself. No man in this generation or in any other has been more miraculously preserved than I. When all was lost and I

had yielded to temptation, God has been there to intervene; again and again has this transpired. When leaden messengers have been showered like hail around me, a calmness has passed me'boon of the Holy Spirit. Thrown from a wild mule, my foot passed thru the stirrup firmly fixed to have dragged the life out of me a hundred times. Suddenly, I was torn loose and no harm ensued. My lower jaw and teeth shattered, my spine injured to death, God heard the prayer of His servants and I live unmaimed. How thankful I am to Him who hears and answers prayers and gives me daily breath who have been at point of death so often in the last four years.

[Brigham Young Jr., Diary, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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