135 years ago today - Dec 18, 1885

Patriarchal Blessing of Samuel RosKelley by Zebedee Coltrin ... thou whall [shall] have power over the elements insomuch that thou shall be able to control the waves of the sea and the winds, and they shall obey thy voice... the kings and the nobles of the earth shall tremble before thee, and the wicked shall flee away at thy presence, for thy voice shall be mighty before the Lord thy God, like that of a lion roaring from the forest that the earth shall tremble and the wicked shall flee, and the righteous shall rejoice before the Lord ... and thy sons shall become mighty men before the Lord, they shall be filled with the wisdom of heaven, and the knowledge of the Lord shall rest upon them, many of them shall be prophets, Seers and Revelators and Kings and Priests of the most High and their possessions shall become very great dwelling in the midst of the Zion of the Lord. Thy daughters shall become women of great renown, filled with wisdom of the heavens, and mighty power of Jehovah shall rest down upon them, and upon their posterity, which shall become as the sands upon the sea shore for multitude, and they shall have great power before the Lord thy God, and thy children-'s children shall dwell among the sanctified and shall behold the Lord when he shall come in the Clouds of Heaven with all his Saints, and many of thy sons shall be of that number of the One Hundred and forty four thousand that shall be clother [clothed] upon with mighty power of Jehovah, and shall be his ministers in his Holy Sanctuary. ... and thou shalt behold the Lord when he shall come to his Temple, and shall do a great work upon the earth both for the living and the dead and shall assist in the redemption of thy father-'s house, and thou shalt become a mighty Prophet in the midst of the Sons of Zion, and thou shalt proclaim unto them the mighty word of God and the Angels shall administer unto you for they eventually shall be thy daily companions, in thy old age they shall be around and about thee by day and by night and shall converse with thee face to face, and thou shall behold the visions of the heavens... and thou shall have power to heal the sick, and it shall be a gift unto thee that whomsoever thou shall command to make whole shall arise and be made well before the Lord. ... if necessary to raise the dead or to do anything that shall be pleasing unto the Spirit of the Lord thy God to dictate thee. ... and thy wives will honor thee ...

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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