175 years ago today - Dec 23, 1845. Tuesday.

[William Clayton]

... At 3 o clock John Scott informed George D. Grant that an officer and assistants were watching for President Young and others at the front door of the Temple. Brother Grant carried the information to President Young, who soon devised a scheme by which their intentions to carry him off might be frustrated.

He directed William Miller who was present at the time, to put on Elder Kimball's cloak, and go down with Geo. D. Grant to his carriage, at the door. They accordingly went down, and as Mr. Miller was about to get into the carriage, with Elder Grant, the officer and 5 or 6 of his assistants arrested him, supposing it to be President B. Young. They were about to drive away with him, having made their boasts that they would get as many of the Twelve as they could, take them down to Warsaw, and have a new Years frolic killing them, but were persuaded to drive to the Nauvoo Mansion and tarry until tomorrow morning when the validity of the writ would be tested.

They were kept in profound ignorance of their mistake all the time. ...

Esquire Babbitt came in at 5 o clock and reports that the Officer who arrested Wm. Miller (supposing it to be President Young) has left the city, and gone to Carthage, with the prisoner, continuing ignorant of his mistake. Mr. Edmonds, a partner of Mr. Babbitts, has gone with them to act as counsel for the prisoner. The Officer has writs for B. Young, P. P. Pratt, H. C. Kimball, John Taylor, Geo. A. Smith, Amasa Lyman and T[heodore] Turley who are all charged with counterfeiting the coin of the United States with President Young . . .

At 20 minutes past 8 o clock, President Brigham Young, H. C. Kimball, P. P. Pratt, George A. Smith and Amasa Lyman left the Temple, nearly at the same time, disguised with other mens Hats and Coats. The reason of this is that their enemies are seeking their lives charging them with high crimes &c . . .

[George D. Smith, An Intimate Chronicle; The Journals of William Clayton, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1995, http://bit.ly/WilliamClayton]

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