185 years ago today - 1835: 29 December

[Patriarchal Blessing ]

Orson Hyde. (Given by Joseph Smith [Sen.]).

" ... The time will come when thou shalt behold thy Redeemer--thou shalt behold him face to face--he will instruct thee into the mysteries of his kingdom--he will show thee the right way. ... Thou shalt travel to the ends of the earth and among thy kingdom--thou shalt have power to know his spirit--Yea brother thou shalt travel from land to land from sea to sea and from island to island and be a mighty man in the Earth. Thou shalt have all power. Thou wilt have enemies and they will have power to confine thee within the walls of a prison for a little season. Thou shalt be able to deliver thyself from prison and from the hands of wicked men. No power of the enemy shall stay thy hand. Thou shall have power over prisons and prison walls and over fires and floods. ... Yea thou shalt stand on the earth and behold thy Savior and meet him in the cloud when he comes with power and great glory to reward his saints and judge his enemies. Thou shalt stand to witness the winding up scene of this generation."

[In Barron, Howard H.: Orson Hyde: Missionary, Apostle, Colonizer, Bountiful, Utah: Horizon Books, 1977, pp. 314-315; quotes from Box 2, Folder 1 of the Orson Hyde Folder--1805-78, LDS Archives, Ms Source d 1386, in Selected LDS Patriarchal Blessings, New Mormon Studies CD ROM, Signature Book, 2009, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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