105 years ago today - Saturday Aug 22, 1908

[Apostle Anthony W. Ivins Diary] ...We drove 4 miles to Naples Ward where we held meeting. Just before leaving Naple a girl 18 years old came to Pres. Smarts home and asked us to administer to her. She had been thrown from a horse and hurt her shoulder so that she could not use her arm. I annointed her & Bro. Lyman blessed her. After, I took hold of her arm and raised it up bending it at the elbow, and asked her if I hurt her. Why, she said, I'm plumb well, and ran out on the street and threw her arms around the neck of a woman there.

[Source: Diary Excerpts of Anthony W. Ivins, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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