175 years ago today - Aug 16, 1838

[Joseph Smith] Judge Morin and a sheriff come to arrest Joseph. He says he is always willing to submit to the laws of the land, but asks not to be tried in Daviess County because of his many enemies there. The sheriff decides not to serve the writ. Lyman Wight, however, defies the sheriff's authority, and when the story is published, state officials take immediate action against the Saints.

[Source: Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]


  1. See HC 3: 59,63.

    What [Danite] Colonel Lyman Wight probably did occurred on Tuesday, Aug.7th: ..." our brethren, who fought like lions. Several Missourians had their skulls cracked."

  2. Where: Gallatin, Missouri.


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