175 years ago today - Thurs. [August] 23 [1838]

[Samuel D. Tyler] I was running a wheel-barow this forenoon & Elders Snow & Jackson were filling it for me; the sun beat hot upon me and my sore legs (See p. 21 for they have not yet got well for it is the pleasure of the Lord in this thing to try my faith, & perhaps the faith of others,) became painful. I had sat down on the run. Elder G. Snow observing that I was in pain & without my speaking a word he laid his hand upon my legs & spake in an unknown tongue perhaps 15 or twenty words; he then said Amen. Is the pain gone, said he? At that moment I first perceived that I was entirely free of the pain for the Lord had taken it from me & I noticed it not before he asked me, for my mind had soared above pain & I was thinking of the words spoken. Now the interpretation I did not know, because I have not the gift of interpetation. But I believe that he meekly entreated the Lord for me & the Lord heard & answered him.

[Source: Journal of Samuel D. Tyler]


  1. The gift from the Spirit of God of speaking in an unknown tongue and the gift of interpretation of that unknown tongue is still manifested today in The Church of Jesus Christ [WHQ: Monongahela, Pennsylvania- establishment began in June 1845 and completed on July 5-8, 1862].

    The gift of speaking in an unknown tongue is NOT learning a language at the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah. That is called studying.

  2. This probably occurred at the church encampment at Far West, Missouri. Also HC 3:130 mentions a man named "Gardner Snow".


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