165 years ago today - Aug 24, 1848

Along the pioneer trail Heber C. Kimball and his son-in-law Horace Howard open the two-day-old grave of the infant son of Horace and Kimball's daughter Helen Marr Kimball Smith Howard (a widow of Joseph Smith) to see if it had been buried prematurely. They determine that it had not been.

[Source: http://www.advent-adam.com/jakestand.html (cached, based on http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies)]


  1. For more details see Compton: In Sacred Loneliness, 509 and Aug.24th letter of HCK to BY.

  2. "One Mile west of Crossing of Sweet Water, No 7, in the Curve of Spring creek, August 24, 1848.

    To President Brigham Young;

    Dear Brother: We are all alive and a general time of health in the camp. Helen is very sick; she had a fine boy [William Howard Whitney], born on Sweet Water, one mile this side of Sage creek, August 17th, and died on the 22nd and buried at this place. ..."

  3. https://history.lds.org/overlandtravels/trailExcerptMulti?lang=eng&companyId=179&sourceId=5513


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