130 years ago today - Aug 25, 1883 (Saturday)

Bishop Andrew Burt, captain of the Salt Lake City police force, was killed by a negro, whom he was trying to arrest. Half an hour later the negro was lynched by a mob, in the jail yard.

[Source: Jenson, Andrew, Church Chronology]


  1. This is only half the story!!! The following is from DMQ, MH:EP, Appendix 5, p.782:

    26 Aug. [1883]: Apostle Heber J. Grant notes in his diary that yesterday a mob lynches "the nigger" who kills LDS bishop and policeman Andrew Burt. On 14 May 1885 jury finds police officer not guilty for his part in "assaulting the negro." However, Grant's political newspaper generally uses respectful terms when referring to African-Americans.

  2. Note: Grant's political newspaper was THE SALT LAKE HERALD.


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