110 years ago today - Aug 25, 1903; Tuesday

Complaints have reached us from Presidents of Stakes that persons doing temple work have been advised by temple workers to speak to the President of their Stake about obtaining their Second Anointing. This must not be done, or suggested by any one laboring in our temples. None but Stake Presidents have the right to suggest and recommend persons to obtain their Second Annointings. The reason is plain: those working in the temples see people in their Sunday clothing only, and are not acquainted with their every day life. When such persons come to their Stake Presidents and ask for this blessing, saying they were counselled to do so in the temple, it places him in the unpleasant position, perhaps, that he has to refuse their request, and he is blamed by the applicants. No person has the right to ask for this blessing. He must wait till sought out by his Stake President. If the President of a temple feels impressed with the worthiness of any person, dead or alive, he can make suggestions to the President of the Stake, but he should not mention this to the persons themselves. ...

[Source: Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder, and Anthon H. Lund to John D. T. McAllister, LDS Archives]

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