155 years ago today - 155 years - Aug 29, 1858

Brigham Young tells a visitor to his office: "I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I tell you, that if the Congress will do justice to this people the Union will be preserved; but if they trample upon our rights, and interfere unconstitutionally with our privileges they will fall-they will separate."

[Source: On This Day in Mormon History, http://onthisdayinmormonhistory.blogspot.com]

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  1. There was a separation temporarily, but the Union was preserved.

    And exactly 19 years later from this day Brigham Young himself did "fall" (died) and his soul or spirit was dragged down to hell where he remains weeping and wailing and gnashing his teeth until the day of judgment when he will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone and be tormented there forever and ever.

    Brigham Young was indeed not a prophet - he was a FALLEN APOSTLE who became a devil.


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