25 years ago today - 1988 Mid-August

100 millionth endowment performed for the dead.

[Source: Hemidakaota, "Church Chronology from 1800-2000," http://www.lds.net/forums/scripture-study-forum/12108-church-chronology-1800-2000-part-1-a.html#post214550]


  1. [Original Source: Deseret News 1989-1990 Church Almanac, pp.325-326]

  2. " ... is miniscule compared with the estimated 75 billion in the whole family of man throughout history, ..." [ibid]

  3. This was drivel when Joseph Smith introduced this "doctrine of the devil" (1Tim.4:1) on Aug.15, 1840, and it is still drivel almost 175 years later.

    "For as many as have sinned without law [the gospel of Jesus Christ] shall also perish without law." (Romans 2:12).

    The souls or spirits of all those countless millions of people who died AFTER the resurrection of Jesus Christ, BUT who never heard nor understood the gospel, AND who lived righteous lives and died with a righteous heart or a good spirit, will have one final opportunity to obey the truth ONLY AFTER the 1000 reign of Christ on earth with those resurrected in the 1st Resurrection per Rev.20:8.

    Where the LDS go far astray is interpreting John 3: 3-5. In these verses the "kingdom of God" is the 1st Resurrection, NOT heaven. See Matt. 25:34 where only those who will "see, enter, and inherit" the kingdom of Jesus Christ in His 1000 year reign will be those who were baptized, confirmed, and remained faithful unto death in The Church of Jesus Christ by one with the priesthood authority after the Son of God, whether 1st century A.D. or 19th-21st century A.D.

    The Church of Jesus Christ [WHQ: Monongahela, PA] is the only Church on the face of the earth today that has the Priesthood Authority to enable one to enter into the 1st Resurrection.

    The LDS church is squandering tens of millions of dollars on this false, vain and foolish practice of baptizing/confirming/washing & anointing/endowing/sealing their dead ancestors in fairy palaces (aka, false temples) and robbing the poor at the same time. The LDS are wasting their precious time, labor, and money.


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