180 years ago today - 180 years ago - Aug 18, 1833

D&C 98 raise standard of peace, not revenge. ... it is the will of the Lord that the Store shou[ld] be kept and that <not> one foot of <land> the perchased should <be> be given to the enimies of god or sold to them but if any is sold let it be sold to the chirch we cannot git the consent of the Lord that we shall give the ground to the enemies ... we wait the Comand of God to do whatever he plese and if <he> shall say go up to Zion and defend thy Brotheren by <the sword> we fly ...

[Source: Kenney, Scott, Saints Without Halos, "Mormon History 1830-1844," http://saintswithouthalos.com/dirs/d_c.phtml]


  1. If Joseph Smith would have not strayed from the truth concerning church doctrine, by introducing many false doctrines, and would have not settled in the then slave state of Missouri, the Lord would have delivered him and the church out of all their trials, troubles, and persecutions. The sufferings that the church went thru in Missouri were the direct result and responsibilty of Joseph Smith's false revelation to settle there.

  2. This entry is extracted from the last page of a 3-page letter JS wrote from Kirtland and addressed to Bros. Wm. W. Phelps, John Whitmer, Edward Partridge, Isaac Morley, John Corrill, and Sidney Gilbert in Missouri. See PWJS.


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